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Discover your personal mission

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Discover God’s unique purpose for your life based on the way God has shaped you. In this eye-opening, empowering, and liberating course, we will show you how to uncover God’s most powerful and effective means of advancing his kingdom on earth: your own irreplaceable, richly detailed personal self-gift. This course gives you the tools to unlock your God-given potential through the S.H.A.P.E. process. S.H.A.P.E. launches you to discover your personal blend of Spiritual Charisms: God given gifts that bear abundant fruit, that give you life and are for others. Heart: The unique desires God has given you to seek Him and lead others to Him. Abilities: The set of natural talents God gave you when you were born, which God wants you to use and to develop. Personality:The special way God wired you to navigate life and fulfill your unique Purpose. Experiences: Those parts of your past, both positive and painful, which God intends to use in great ways. Discover how to live out the gift that you are, as an apostle for Christ. 

WOMEN IN the Bible

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Women of the Bible Series (Part 1) is a prayer-filled Bible Study. It focuses on 8 women of the Old Testament whose lives were transformed by God. As we get to know their stories, we will discover the feminine genius present in them through their greatness and imperfections, love for God and others, and how all this relates and applies to our own lives. This course will teach you to learn from the past and live your present more fully loving God.


1. Introduction: “My Identity: Woman of God, for God and Others”

2. Eve: Created out of Love, to Love

3. Sarah: From Infertility to Fruitfulness

4. Miriam: Coworker in God’s Saving Plan

5. Deborah: A Leader at the Service of God

6. Ruth: The Faithful Friend

7. Hannah: Woman of Prayer

8. Esther: Called by God for Such a Time Like This

9. The Mother of the Maccabees: Living for Heaven


A personalized silent retreat day



A personalized silent day retreat is a full day of prayer at the Consecrated Women of Regnum Christi's home, with spiritual direction, adoration and lunch included. It is a complete day of silence where you can pray before The Eucharist and in our garden, where we will serve you lunch. 


Before your retreat starts, you will fill out a questionnaire so your director knows what you are looking for and how to accompany you. Your retreat begins at home after dinner, the night before you arrive at our home. Starting the retreat, before you turn off your cell phone, you meet with the director to share what you are looking for and how you arrive at this retreat. She will help you to set the tone for your personalized retreat. On the day of your retreat, you arrive at our home for morning Mass. After Mass, you meet with your retreat director for about 20 minutes to receive some scripture passages to pray with. During the day you are free to pray in the garden and the Chapel. Of course, you will have use of the restroom and office. Lunch will also be provided for you. 


Ages: Junior year of High School until Single Young Professional 

essential elements of prayer
with Janet Lees



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