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“from couch to half-marathon prayer warrior” 8-week prayer challenge


Don’t worry - the physical running is 100% optional :) Many find themselves desiring to run a marathon but struggle to take the first step off the couch. The go-getter knows that all she needs is a day-by-day incremental training program and a community of encouragement. Similarly, this is a training program to go from occasional prayer life to consistently living in a community striving for holiness. 

So, you may be asking yourself, what will this entail? What will be asked of us? First, we will gather on October 2nd for a Kick-Off Retreat and receive a meditation booklet. Daily each one will make time to pray with the prayer theme of the week. Once a week we will gather at a home (preferably one of yours) to discuss and learn how to discern the movements of the Spirit in our daily prayer, claiming the fruits for our lives. We will do this for 8 weeks, ending in December. (The 8 themes are an adaptation of the Spiritual Exercises for ordinary life by Fr Wickham, S.J. As you can see, doing brief spiritual exercises in daily life can be nothing but transformative).


The entire goal of CHOSEN is to help Catholic women realize their leadership, gifts, and talents and put them at the service of the Church. Each one believing in their own gifts and using them creatively for the Church.


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